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Dear Readers,

Communication is the key word for the goals of our office this year. Our memberships are growing on a steady pace and we are happy to have almost all larger Finnish companies operating in Thailand as our members. The digital Vision Finland 2019 magazine is a good example of the kind of TFCC communication that reaches companies in Finland directly. After all not many Finnish companies know what type of Finnish companies operate in Thailand and what is it like to do business here. Thailand is known for the main part only as a holiday destination. Increased communication means providing steady information through our social media channels and working together with Team Finland delivering information to Finland.
We also hope that you would take more advantage of our Mentoring service as our professionals are ready to sit down with you and discuss your challenges at your convenience.

Finland calling
Having worked now for almost 5 years for TFCC I am planning to move back to Finland this spring. I have my family there and I want to spend more time with them. Also for me the Finnish health care is important. I wish to have a chance to work with Finnish innovations and if possible open doors to them to Thailand and to Southeast Asia. After all I have been doing just that for the last 5 years. 

Karri Kivela
Executive Director
Vision Finland 2019 magazine
Did you know that it was a visionary Finn who was one of the main forces behind global drone revolution?
Another Finn made Thailand famous in the chess world by creating the Bangkok Chess Club Open Tournament.
Vision Finland 2019 is a production of Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce (TFCC) and presents Finnish companies and
personalities who have brought their visions and innovations to the Kingdom. Southeast Asia with 600+ M people is a
vast growing market area. Finnish innovations and knowhow are greatly appreciated in this market and it is the responsibility
of the Finncham organization and Team Finland organization to deliver more information of SEA market directly to the Finnish companies
all over Finland. We hope this Vision Finland 2019 digital magazine finds all members within the regional chambers in Finland and the
rest of Finnish and international readers.
When thinking of business opportunities in Thailand TFCC and Team Finland are here to serve you. Enjoy the Magazine!

Vision Finland digital magazine link: http://thaifin.org/visionfinland2019
We Kindly ask you to like & share our Vision Finland posting on our Facebook site.

We recommend our members to pick up one carton of the magazines from our office. Our contact person for the pick-up is our Office Manager Khun Kel, tfcc-office@thaifin.org, 080-652 2832.
The Nordic chambers' cooperation
TFCC and the other Nordic chambers have tighten our cooperation and there will be more Nordic events in 2019 than there were last year. It just makes more sense to work together and we continue to sell the "Nordic Product" to companies who would like to get the status of "Official Partner of the Nordic chambers in Thailand". You will learn more about our forthcoming events from our FB site and direct member emails.
New members to TFCC
We have been very happy to get more and more new members lately. Here are some of the new members during the last months:
Mirasys Ltd.
Mirasys develops and provides intelligent video management solutions to solve not only customers’ safety and security but also productivity and performance challenges in many businesses. In the same way as Mirasys video management software utilizes video image data from surveillance cameras it utilizes data produced by e.g. thermal cameras, IoT sensors or AI devices.
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Chempolis Ltd.
Chempolis Ltd. is a technology leader providing innovative and sustainable biorefining technology solutions for the biomass, paper, biofuel, energy, alcohol, sugar, palm oil and oil and chemical industries. Chempolis formico® biorefining technologies deliver sustainability and excellent profitability based on the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into valuable bio based products.
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Varova Oy
Varova consults customers in all logistics related matters, offers solutions to customers’ different kinds of needs and ensures a reliable and efficient logistics chain. They offer their clients a global transportation and logistics network. Their services include import and export shipping on all transport modes, customs clearance, cargo handling and supply chain solutions. They have regular freight services between Finland and Thailand by both sea and air.
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Digi Electronics Ltd
The Finnish China sourcing and E-commerce expertise is now available also in Bangkok, Thailand. The main business of Digi Electronics Ltd is the online store www.e-ville.com. e-ville.com has more than 5,000 different kinds of products, varying from cell phones and accessories to fat bikes and other bicycles, electric vehicles, gaming chairs and other gaming products, action-cameras, car products, leisure & sports products and much more.
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weCan Ltd.
The company believes that future success is fuelled by a Shared purpose and ambition and built on a unique combination of 5 industry-specific building blocks: Superior customer experience, Operational excellence, Right people on board, Compelling community and Visionary leadership. 
With their unique Growth Pocket -concept and weCan-digital toolbox they help their customers find their future potential, focus on the essential and execute for success.
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Cajutan Co.,Ltd
Sweden Restaurant Cajutan stands for "homemade and cozy" with Swedish quality and Thai hospitality. Cajutan is focused on traditional Swedish dishes as Smorgasbord (Swedish Buffet), Swedish Cuisine and Swedish Sandwich Cake. For increasing the quality, many items are self-made, for example an own smoker for smoking fish and meat is used, the meat is grinded in Cajutan's kitchen, own bread and own sour milk is produced.
Pasi will give Cajutan a Finish touch and create some Finish dishes as well.
Satel Oy
SATEL is one of the world’s leading experts and innovators in independent radio networking technology. They develop and sell high quality private radio technology solutions that enable secure, mission-critical connections. They also offer network design and technical support, and they have a global distributor network. The company’s history extends to year 1986.
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Parrish Jones Ltd.
Parrish Jones is the first to utilize 3D Body Scanning Technology for Bespoke clothing in Thailand, and to offer a unique customer focussed one-stop-shopping experience. From Casual to Formal Clothing, a wide range of Fashion Accessories, Barber, and Dry-cleaning, this is every man’s dream store. Parrish Jones is a place that feels good, where you can stay a while, hang out, and try on a new look. They spend time getting to know their customers, and trying to understand their preferences; from the drink they enjoy, to their personal style.
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Freightzen logistics Ltd.
Freightzen Logistics is a young dynamic company founded in 2018 to deliver proactive and personalized logistics solutions. In partnership with Varova Oy we offer logistics services with following scope: air and sea freight solutions, customs brokerage and consultancy, domestic distributions, warehouse solutions, cross border transport to/from Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore.
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Teemu Jantunen
Mr. Jantunen is the Director and Senior Consultant of a Finland based consulting firm Saffron Consulting International Ltd (SCI). SCI provides services in business development and partner identification in South-East Asia, as well as consulting in natural resources management and land acquisition and safeguards compliance for investment projects.
Peter Darby
Peter Darby is an experienced creative who cut his teeth first as a furniture designer, and later as a graphic designer working in London on accounts as diverse as the National Trust, Salomon Brothers and National Geographic. 

Born in the UK, Peter got the travel bug as early as 6-months old when his family moved to Denmark, and was first in Asia as a young boy. “I love Asia, especially Thailand and Japan. The people are so charming, the culture so tolerant and the food is fantastic." Later, he found work in Bangkok with clients such as the UN, JICA, Volvo, BMW and Asian Tigers. 

Now, as a digital nomad based in Bangkok, Peter continues to look after his UK clients, and has expanded his range to cover websites and database development as well as corporate identity, advertising and general graphic design - including the TFCC’s own magazine VISION FINLAND. 

He has also found time to develop his hobby of chess, helping the Bangkok Chess Club’s international open tournaments to become among the best in the world.
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Project Coordinator
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